Humanness as a Service

We change business by changing people.

We trigger and nurture the capacity for humans to increase ‘right-brain’ thinking.

We do this through a circular process designed to deliver lasting individual and organisational behaviour change.

Our core process is tailored for every engagement. But the key components are:


Discovery : The process of understanding the business, the people and the potential for change.


Decode: Identifying and changing the barriers to applying right-brain process across the organisation.


Dream: transformational experiences designed to trigger and inspire new creative capacities.


Discourse: An always-on programme of smaller interventions to nudge lasting behaviour change.


Dividend: Measuring and amplifying the commercial impact of the process, and defining the next stage of development.

Business Benefits:

The outcome of our process is a greater return from your investment in people, by specifically:


Engaging & Retaining: Employees triggered and empowered to be creative are more likely to feel connected to their organisations and less likely to leave within a financial year.


Energy & Efficiency: By reframing and re-energising the way humans feel about the role they play within an organisation, we see greater return on time spent.


Decentralising Innovation and Decision-making: By giving your people new ways to think about their roles, your teams will solve the challenges they face day to day more effectively.


Purpose and Cultural Alignment: By aligning the creative inspiration specifically with each company’s purpose or vision, we see seismic shifts of companies towards previously intangible aims.

Companies embracing a culture of right-brain processes and creativity experience:

  • 67% above-average organic revenue growth.*
  • 70% above-average total return to shareholders (TRS).*
  • 74% above-average net enterprise value or NEV/forward EBITDA*

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