As the world gets ever more digital,
The secret to business success will get ever more Human.

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To ensure operational predictability, whilst squeezing greater margin out of process and productivity, business is obsessively building its tech stack of hardware, software and middleware.

Yet competitive advantage is ultimately found in humanware
– our people.

Humanness: Humanware as a Service (HaaS™)

Humanness unlocks the human capital at the heart of business: building understanding – inspiring ingenuity – igniting purpose – grounding productivity in process – growing human capital


HaaS™ is built upon a simple circular model of growing your human capital.
We restore the business value in being human.

Client Endorsement

“for breaking the norm and looking at a brand from a team perspective this is one of the best.The Dream Experiences immerses you, its a hidden gem that many companies should try”

Chris Priest

VP, Marketing LG Digital Appliances, Europe

“what an extraordinary learning for our company. The Dream Experience let us express ourselves and get to a meaningful results unlike any other process that I have been part of”

Kenny Khan

Chief Strategic Officer, iVerify. U.S

“it bought people together in a way that other brand development approaches would not … if you have a team in the doldrums its an outstanding tool to reinvigorate it”

Nick Shepherd

VP, Global brands, Mondelez