of the global workforce is disengaged.


stems from misaligned management.

$8.9 trillion

annual cost to global economy.

Engagement and alignment services


Lasting behaviour change


Engaged people and aligned organisations


Growth in cultural purpose and commercial power


Disengaged People

Do you feel your people are checking out?
Are your current incentives, performance management tools and mental health measures working?
Is this impacting your productivity?

We reconnect people to cultural purpose.

An engaged workforce increases productivity by 17%

Misaligned Organisation

Do you feel your organisation is not aligned?
Are your talent, teams and projects getting stuck?
Is this impacting your bottom line?

We realign organisations for commercial power

An aligned organisation increases profitability by 23%


Sustained Energy

Humanness is at the forefront of a paradigm shift: future-proof organisations harness greater emotional purpose and applied energy of their people, to drive company health and performance.

We work with organisations whose key indicators are blinking red, or face a major restructure that might endanger company culture and the balance in their ecosystem.

Our transformational and unifying experiences create and sustain an environment for greater human connection and organisational alignment.

Key Humanness Indicators measure and evidence individual and collective growth.

Sustained Safety

Stewarding an organisation through its transformation, we ensure everyone is guided, supported and consciously connected.

We establish a space of wellbeing and psychological safety (what we call the hearth). We nurture the ongoing environment in which talent, relationships and productivity flourish.

Humanness organisations are more holistic in their operating model – flexible, adaptive, intuitive, creative and collaborative – and unified in cultural purpose and commercial power.

Conscious Transformation

Humanness enacts lasting behaviour change in 5 phases:


  • Reconnecting with the founding essence of your organisation, to understand the ‘story behind the story’.


  • Strengthening purpose, trust and power in all of our stakeholders – from suppliers, to staff, to customers.


  • Realigning technology and operational process, in service to the humanity of people.


  • Shifting the focus of productivity from outputs to outcomes.


  • Restoring, celebrating and enacting the soul of the whole organisation.

Conscious Practices

Transformative, unifying practices spanning a range of disciplines.


Learning from mythology and philosophy, we help unlock deeper meaning, inspire transformative thinking and activate change.


Drawing from ancient wisdom, we utilise time-tested practices that foster flow, balance and holistic wellbeing.


Leveraging cutting-edge research, we apply neuroscience principles to enhance cognitive function and emotional resilience.

Performance Power

Humanness shifts outputs to measurable outcomes.


Energising life-centred design of products and services to deliver new strategic outcomes


Balancing buyer and seller relationships to find common goals and common purpose in new sales outcomes


Empowering cross-organisation stakeholder advocacy and brand storytelling to drive market power and presence.


Improving productivity, wellbeing, responsibility, accountability, and reducing
attrition in the talent base.


Building new relational strength, trust and agility in our processes to deliver new operational outcomes

Performance Purpose

Humanness reconnects people who are burned out, unhappy or resigned within the organisation.


People discover new personal agency, stronger relationships, and deeper focus in organisational purpose.


Organisations are unified in their leadership, becoming more responsive, intuitive and innovative.


True coherence between cultural purpose and commercial power will grow the business.


Chief Executive Officer

Quinn Stainfield-Bruce

Quinn founded his first consultancy at 18 years old. The last 20 years have been spent disrupting process and delivering impactful new direction globally with industry leaders like Unilever, P&G, Mondelez, General Mills, Nestlé, PepsiCo, McDonalds, Adidas, Samsung and Barclays. Quinn’s consultancies have always pioneered radically human processes now proven to be needed more than ever before.


James Scroggs

James is an entrepreneurial leader who continues to explore the alignment of commerce and culture, A former VP at MTV, in 2007 James started a venturing journey through mobile technology, music, well being and latterly fashion, as Founding CEO of British workwear brand M.C.Overalls.
In 2006 he became a founding patron and since 2014 the Chair of Trustees for suicide prevention charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). Today, alongside Hummanness, James is leading a lifelong learning initiative to unlock the intuitive power and confidence of the young.


Axel Ferreyrolles

Axel is a professional trainer, certified coach, researcher and inspired creator, passionate about leadership, innovation, transformation and technology. Axel’s passion is to help individuals, leaders and organisations achieve their highest potential and peak performance. He spent 28 years in large IT corporations such as SAP. He has created the first Master in Science degree for Frontline Sales Managers at SAP, developed a unique personal development methodology to help each individual “become the coach of their own life”, and currently designs new tools for Intuitive Leaders inspired by Quantum Metaphysics.

Experiential Director

Duncan D Bruce

Duncan is inspired by an absolute passion for creative disruption. He has over 25 years of experience working on the innovation and insight challenges of global businesses. The secret of developing new ways of thinking and doing lies in his ability to continually challenge the status quo and inspire others.

Founding Humanness Principal

Anne Bahr Thompson

Anne is an early pioneer in the purpose space, a Superbrands Branding Leader, a Trust Across America Top Thought Leader and author of DO GOOD, which details her groundbreaking Me-to-We continuum of Brand Citizenship®.
Endlessly curious about human behavior, she’s motivated by uncovering the underlying truths that drive authentic leadership and corporate culture — and understanding how shifting cultural dynamics impact people’s relationships with brands, one another and themselves.

Founding Humanness Principal

Tatiana Rueff

Tatiana, with over 15 years of experience in brand building and marketing at industry leaders like P&G, General Mills, GSK, and Syngenta, is a certified Business Consultant and Coach, and a devoted Equity Advocate. She firmly believes that by unleashing true human potential and cultivating a culture of empathy, we can generate insightful ideas, make effective decisions, and, ultimately, build purposeful businesses that contribute to sustainable growth.


As companies and their people awaken to the power of Humanness
we invite them to join our community and continue their hero’s journey.

“You were able to galvanise an already stellar team to create an energy that felt authentic and true to us. Through this
process, our team’s unique strengths and capabilities were highlighted which has brought greater alignment and focus to
our work and ultimately led us to living out our purpose.”

Megan Nechanicky

Senior Director, General Mills, U.S

“When you give someone a mechanism for analysing the world, you empower them. It’s partly because your model is so simple that it is blindingly successful.”

David Bott

Director of Innovation Platforms, Dept of Trade and Industry, UK Government

“Thank you for being amazing guides, grammarians, coaches, and patient partners. You achieved something in five hours that might have otherwise taken months. Your passion and creativity brightened the room, opened minds and hearts, and captivated the team unlike anything I’ve seen in the 2.5 years I’ve been at Target. I am confident that each of the team is inspired to collaborate, tell more meaningful stories that stick, and make time for right brained thinking.”

Tinesha Craig

VP EI, Target

“For breaking the norm and looking at a brand from a team perspective this is one of the best. It immerses you, its a hidden gem that many companies should try.”

Chris Priest

VP, Marketing LG Digital Appliances, Europe

“What an extraordinary learning for our company. You let us express ourselves and get to a meaningful results unlike any other process that I have been part of.”

Kenny Khan

Chief Strategic Officer, iVerify. U.S